Here you will find my recommendation lists, which I will occasionally update. I hope the list items may benefit someone the way they benefited me.


Before compiling this short list, I went through the titles of classics and realized how uneducated I was. What is here is rather symbolic.

Essays, Articles, Speeches, Transcripts

Here, however, I might be more useful.

Web Pages

Best essayists on the web happen to be very good at coding.

Montaigne loves coding


It is easier to get educated in cinema than in literature: when a usual movie can be watched under 3 hours, it takes at least 5 times more to complete a fine novel. Although, a layman always lacks the eyes of the critic, especially if the critic is none other than the great Roger Ebert. Again, it would not make sense to create a 'great movies' list (in Roger Ebert you can trust), so here are some honorable mentions.