I am an International Chess Master. Only a very small portion of professional chess players reach this level of mastery. But I should mention that if you are doing comptetive sports (assuming chess is a sport minus physical aspects), and if you have certain success in your younger years, you are obliged to reach at least the top 100 in your ranking list (which I didn't accomplish).

I became the Chess Champion of Azerbaijan four times, in Under-12, Under-14, and Under-16 age categories (two years in a row in the latter category). I also became the U-13 World School Chess Championship silver medalist in Iasi, Romania. My latest championship was in Nakhchivan Open 2022.

After becoming the champion of Azerbaijan for the fourth time in 2016, I got admitted to the prestigious ADA University and did my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. In 2018, I became an Erasmus exchange student at the University of Pécs.

After graduating in 2020, I got admitted to the dual Master of Science degree program in Computer Science and Data Analytics at ADA and George Washington Universities. My master's thesis was concentrated on Maritime Object Detection and Classification with Deep Learning. I graduated with my MS degree on July 1, 2022

I like to write, and occasionally publish my articles on Medium, and blog on this website.

I can speak four languages: Azerbaijani, English, Russian, and Turkish.